About Us

Wedding fashion, in comparison to conventional fashion, is somewhat constant: white color tone, long ball-gown-like dresses. We carefully nourish wedding traditions while bringing fresh modern look and removing overwhelming unnecessaries.
MUSA Wedding is a brand for modern brides-to-be that prefers delicate silhouette and attentive to details to traditional ball-gown look. Our dress will accentuate the fragility and delicate of your persona making you the main topic of all conversations.
Our first “Sense 4” collection was released in 2019. It was inspired by union between nature, cultures and nations that was combined by our designer Lubov Pribish into our first “Sense 4” collection.

The main components of our gowns are airy feel, casual texture combined with waist cut-out or fluffy dresses. The volume of a dress is accomplished by layering soft fabrics to reach ruche bodies without crinoline frame. This design brings ease without restricting motion even in corset bodies ball gowns: the lightest tulle and lace, beading embellishments and pearls bring unique feel to our dresses.
A very daring accent in our dresses is given to bells, which is not traditional for classic wedding gown. We accompany them with a unique selection of colors like milky-white, smoky off white and slate blue.